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Introducing Touchmote, a Windows app to control the Windows 8 Metro interface from your couch.
Swipe, scroll and tap by pointing your Wiimote at your screen or HDTV.

Visit for usage instructions and source code.

Touchmote is based on several open source project which allows data from a Wii Remote to be translated as genuine Windows touch events.
Touch position is calculated using the Wii Sensor Bar.
The application is developed in primarily C# .NET 4.5 and some C++.

1x Nintendo Wii Remote
1x Wireless Wii Sensor Bar
1x Bluetooth enabled computer with Windows 8

Bug reports
Please use the GitHub Issue tracker to report bugs. Always include the following information:
1. System configuration, including Bluetooth device vendor and model
2. Steps to reproduce the error
3. Expected output
4. Actual output

How to build
Install the drivers by downloading the installer from
Get the source and open Touchmote.sln with Microsoft Visual Studio.
Go to Build->Configuration manager...
Choose solution platform for either x86 or x64 depending on your system. Close it and Build.

WiiTUIO project:
WiimoteLib 1.7:

v1.0 beta 10
Added visual keymap editor.
More keymapping options.
Experimental Windows 7 support.

v1.0 beta 9
Nunchuk and Classic Controller support.
XBox 360 controller emulation.
Change keymaps on the fly. Hold the Home button for 5 seconds to open the layout chooser.
Pointer will consider Wiimote rotation.
Better more responsive cursor.
Enabled "Minimize to tray" option.

v1.0 beta 8
Implemented custom cursors
New windowed UI
Added Sleepmode to save battery when Wiimote is not in use.
Added option to pair a Wiimote at startup.
Increased CPU utilization, for smoother cursor movement.

v1.0 beta 7
Added ability to connect several Wiimotes.
Enabled individual keymap settings for each Wiimote.
Added GameMouse pointer mode through keymap setting.
Moved settings file into the application folder.
Fixed 64 bit installer default install folder.
Fixed support for MultiTouchVista drivers (for Windows 7 or lower)

v1.0 beta 6
Added support for new Wiimotes (RVL-CNT-01-TR)
Added option to specify Sensor Bar position
Bugfix, using two touch points would sometimes disable edge gestures

v1.0 beta 5
Multi touch! Use the B button to add a second touch point and zoom or rotate with the A button.
Added application specific keymaps. Edit or add new keymaps in the Keymaps folder.
Now using native Windows 8 touch cursor.
Added helpers to perform edge guestures and taps.

v1.0 beta 4
Much better performance and stability on Windows 8
Driver is now optional
Only works on Windows 8, use beta3 for Windows 7/Vista
Completely disconnects the Wiimote so it doesn't drain battery when not used

v1.0 beta 3
Forgot to enable driver detection
Added error messaging

v1.0 beta 2
Press minus or plus to zoom in or out
Press 2 to reset connection to touch driver
No crash on restart
Pointer settings saves correctly
Improved pairing
Bug fixes

v1.0 beta 1
First release.

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